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  • Is Inca GlowTM a Keratin Smoothing Treatment?
    No. Inca Glow is a Non-Keratin smoothing systems that uses an Amino acid Complex that allows the product to provide long lasting anti-frizz effect along with straightening and shine. Keratin treatments may have challenges fighting frizz as it is a large molecule that can be drying
  • What are the active ingredients in Inca Glow?
    Inca Oil, Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and other amino acids complete the all natural formula.
  • How long does Inca Glow last?
    Inca Glow lasts between 12 and 16 weeks depending on lifestyle and maintenance.
  • What is the difference between the Inca Glow and Inca Glow PlatinumTM?
    Both products have the same natural organic formula with the addition is violet pigment added the Inca Glow Platinum to tone unwanted warmth in yellowing blonde hair.
  • Can a Inca Glow service be performed on hair that has already been chemically treated?
    Yes. Inca Glow is not only safe to use over previous chemical services. In fact, IncaGlow can help to replenish & nourish hair that has been previously damaged.
  • Can I do color services the same day?
    Yes. Depending on the service, Inca Glow will be done following the other process. Example: Color services and Inca Glow can be done on the same day. Color the hair prior to the Inca Glow service
  • How many services can be performed per full order of Inca Glow System?
    A complete system of Inca Glow consists of one 35.27 oz. bottle of Inca Glow Regular & 35.27 oz. bottle of Inca Glow Platinum. Together an average of 30+ Inca Glow services can be achieved.
  • What is the average cost per Inca Glow service to the salon?
    Based on full MSRP per bottle to the salon, at an average of 30 services per system purchase, the average cost of goods per service is $17.93
  • What is the national price per professional smoothing service?
    National average service charge for a smoothing treatment is 250.00 per service.The average service takes approximately 2 1⁄2 hours to complete. The service price includes your time. Inca Glow offers an incredible ROI of your time vs. COG.
  • Inca Glow can replace the traditional relaxers?
    Yes. Follow the instructions for virgin resistant hair to relax the tightest curls. Inca Glow can also be used following a traditional sodium relaxer to add long lasting anti-frizz effect and incredible shine.
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